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What is Mental Health Coaching?

The power of our beliefs and how they affect our destiny and life can be summed up in these wise words from Mahatma Gandhi: Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.  We work with clients to help them to understand that the greater part of creating a more comfortable mental health experience for ourselves. Is through the development of self interventions that promote the thinking and focus to now and the future as opposed to dewelling on past experiences. Understanding that for some people their might be a need to refer them to a psychologist or psychiatrist to assist with focusing on rememdying traumas of the past.


Mental Health Services

Mental Health Wellness Coaching

Mental health coaches can’t do everything licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and other therapists can do. Still, given the growing shortage of mental health care providers, coaches may help fill an increasing need in the mental health care continuum. Mental health coaches help their clients develop a greater awareness of themselves and learn practical tools to manage the challenges in their lives better. Coaches help clients manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve relationship skills, and reduce stress and anxiety, bolstering mental health. Just like a therapist, a mental health coach is somebody who is listening to you and acting as your support system — and providing you with insight on what’s going on below the surface. As your coach, I will become your liaison partner who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best. When you work with me, I stay in contact with you to hold you accountable and keep you on track to see you through the completion of your goals. I’ll check in via phone or email and be someone who can objectively extend impactful advice as you implement your growth plan.

How will I create a plan that empowers your life?

Our game plan will be based on the knowledge, distinctions, and strategies developed through graduate-level education, research in human behavior, and years of experience, such as Cognitive behavioral modifications, Movement therapy.

Supportive Friend


Mental health wellness coaching can help with a wide range of mild to moderate symptoms, including:






Feeling stuck in life

Dealing with the end of a relationship

Interpersonal problems

Life transitions

Dealing with difficult emotions, such as anger

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