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Larry Crenshaw, EdD, MBA

Recognized as an industry leader Dr. Crenshaw brings a wealth of knowledge in Community Care and Counseling and professional business expertise and provides his clients with outstanding service level commitment. Dr. Crenshaw’s experience includes over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of individuals helping them to adjust to and maneuver through life’s up-downs and everything in between. 


Dr. Crenshaw is known as a dynamic professional expert with years of unprecedented experience in business, counseling, leadership, marketing, mentoring, negotiating, problem-solving, sales, and an astute ability to strategically guide projects through the entire cycle. Recognized as a multi-year ‘Top Performer’ in real estate for kicking the company’s growth rate into high gear, Dr. Crenshaw has successfully facilitated, negotiated, and closed an overabundance of multimillion-dollar commercial and residential transactions. Dr. Crenshaw entered the real estate business after a bad experience with an over-zealous realtor who oversold his qualifications and the value of Dr. Crenshaw’s home. This experience taught Dr. Crenshaw how meaningful truthful, and honest relationships are when representing a client in any transaction.  

In corporate business, Dr. Crenshaw had a proven history of leading messaging campaigns to educate business and government leaders on initiatives with wide-ranging industry ramifications and securing favorable outcomes.

Dr. Crenshaw also succeeded in cultivating relationships with executives and senior management of Fortune 500 companies to establish collaborative partnerships and solve business challenges. Dr. Crenshaw is a U.S. Army Signal Corp veteran, having served in leadership roles at the U.S. Pentagon as a Member of the Multinational Forces and Observers in the Sinai Peninsula and Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm Desert Shield.


Throughout these experiences, Dr. Crenshaw developed a strong foundation in mindfulness, with over twenty years of experience in corporate and private business ventures. These experiences further ignited Dr. Crenshaw’s thirst for knowledge in human behavior and counseling. 


Dr. Crenshaw believes that in a business as sensitive as mental health care, the best providers are those that keep in touch and tune with human behavior and psychology; without this knowledge, you can’t honestly represent your client. Dr. Crenshaw truly believes that if you don’t have expertise in human behavior, counseling, or psychology, there’s no way you’ll be credible enough to affect change, make a difference, or be taken seriously. A native of San Diego, CA, Dr. Crenshaw holds an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration BBA, Marketing, a Master of Business Administration MBA, and a Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling, Marriage, and Family Counseling. 

In addition, Dr. Crenshaw serves as an active board member of Community Bridge Inc and a previous board member of the Washington DC Chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors. 

You’ve made the right decision.

Your decision towards change and forward movement represents a desire for personal development. It’s okay to struggle with these changes. More importantly, it’s okay to look for someone that can assist you in figuring out the pathway to make those dreams into reality. Always remember that it is for you. It’s about you. And you are deserving of it!

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